HCXO175 PEBFA175W Xenon Lamp Power Supply 175W
[HCXO175 PEBFA175W Xenon Lamp Power Supply 175W]

HCXO175 PEBFA175W Xenon Lamp Power Supply 175W
HCXO175 PEBFA175W Xenon Lamp Power Supply 175W

Main Features
1. Simple Remote/Automatic transfer function, Use own jump line can realize Remote/ Automatic model transition.
2. Output current can be adjusted from DC11A to DC24A.
3. Perfect Protection Function,short-circuit protection、Overheating protection and overload protection,increased the power supply reliability.
4. Constant current and trigger module integration design,output connect the xenon lamp directly,easy to use.
5. Output is power limitation of constant current mode.
6. Active PFC,reducing input harmonic interference,Increase the power factor,Input voltage is suitable for the global network voltage.
7. Application: medical laparoscopy, gastroscope, endoscope, xenon lamp cold light source
Power Supply External Interface
1、Installation Size Picture:
2、 External Interface Definition:
1)、L、N、E connect AC input L、N、Ground respectively.
2)、P1 is Aux output terminals, output is 12V1A,positive and negative terminalsas P1.
3)、P2 is Remote control terminal, external switch can control HCXO300-S output current up/down.
4)、P3is Remote/Automatic switch terminal, Change the jumper position can be realized,as the P1.
5)、LAMP+,LAMP- is output terminal, LAMP+ connect xenon lamp positive, LAMP- connect the xenon lamp negative.
HCXO300-S Precautions 1、Note the Anode and cathode output--before connect to Xenon Lamp, please confirm the xenon lamp and xenon lamp power source anode and cathode are Corresponding, reverse prohibited, in order to avoid damage the xenon lamp.
2、When Xenon lamp turns off, please wait three minutes to restart, to protect lamp electrodes and extend working life of xenon lamp.
3、Ventilation around the xenon lamp power supply should ensure the smooth flow of ventilation fan at the non-blocking.
4、If the xenon lamp power supply placed in another bigger case, we must ensure that case air convection, so as to play a cooling effect, otherwise easily lead to overheating of the chassis.
5、Remote power control interface and output circuit isolation measures have been adopted, need not regard to isolate problems when wiring it.
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