LED LCD TV Backlight Tester Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair

LED LCD TV Backlight Tester Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair
LED LCD TV Backlight Tester Tool Lamp Beads Board Detect Repair TD 0-280V Output Smart-Fit Voltage All Size
Free and easy to use for the LED backlight tester! Not burning light! Applicable to any size LED TV backlight inspection and maintenance!!
Product Description
Model No: SID-GJ2C
Input Voltage: 110-265V International General
Output Voltage: 0-280V 1.High Brightness No Disassemble More Accurate. 2.Double Isolated Safe Protection. 3.Voltage and Current Intelligent Adjustment. 4.Voltage Range:110-280V
Main Application
Testing the backlight of LED at any size Display the voltage, It can be tested in a long time, and will not damage the lamp beads
Additional Application:
1 can test the capacitance voltage
2 can test the regulator voltage regulator
3 lamp lamp plate voltage test value!
Testing Skills:
1. Plug in power,it can be used after 3to 5 seconds.
2. The soft start mode make the backlight getting brighter slowly.
3. No burn out, If you can’t make sure the “+”and “-”, Don’t connect the probes to the LED which be tested for a long time.
4. Open Ciruit Protection : Don’t touch the output terminal of probes for a long time .It’s safe for touch the probes in short time periods.
5. Double Isolate Design makes our tester safety with high strength and flame retardancy materials.
Double Isolated Safe protection No Burn out ,No Electric shock, Voltage and Current Intellgent Adjustment, High Brightness No disassemble.
Package Include:

Single LED light Bar Backlight Testing
1:Make sure the anode and the acthode.
2:Connect the probes on the anode and the cathode.
3:Light up the Single LED light Bar Backlight.
4:Light up the Double LED Light Bar Backlight.
Sony 55-inch TV backlight detection example

There are a total of 16 groups backlight, a group backlit open, voltage display 290V Identify the problems of a group of backlit Repair it!

High Brightness Testing Easy and Fast! It's convenient to testing the LED Backlight at any size!!
Testing Tips
1:Use the soft start mode, Increase the current steadily.Voltage Intelligent Ajustment, No burn out, No Electric shock

2:Light up LED backlight screen / TV / Computer / Mobile phone / GPS and so on)

3:Safe testing for single LED beads, LED stirng,LED panel and Integrated optical.
4:Our tester is small and no disassemble. It's convenient and save time for you!
5:We are the only one that no debugged, No burn out, no electric shock . Please Remenber our brand - TD SID LED

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