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Screen Led Backlighting LED Tester LCD TV LED backlighti Tester Lamp
[Screen Led Backlighting LED Tester LCD TV LED backlighti Tester Lamp]


Screen Led Backlighting LED Tester LCD TV LED backlighti Tester Lamp beads Light board LED light Tester transistor Tester geiger
Input Voltage : 220V
Out Put : 0-200
Digital models, adjustable models: for 0-180V; 1-85 string or strings of various sizes mixed and mixed-power SMD light bar, light board, solder 1W lamp beads special testing and maintenance. Series and parallel hybrid line can be detected. Testable 0.5-100W power LED light board and lights. In the inner lining is safe voltage 0-80V, you can be assured; when the test voltage is higher than 100V, advisable to wear gloves when testing repairs.
Package include
1 x tester
1 x Table pen
1 x LED light bar cable
Primary Function: This is a test and maintenance equipment LED lamp beads. Specially designed for the majority of electronics enthusiasts. Solve lamp beads during assembly are not shining bright lights do not cause the problem. You can quickly identify problems that lamp beads. Therefore effectively improve maintenance efficiency and save maintenance time, reduce indirect labor costs.
Product size:
User Interface Product Description:
A: The negative output (black probe)
B: Positive output (red probe)
C: Test voltage display
D: voltage adjustment knob (white area is safe voltage, the red part of the high pressure, please use insulated gloves when not in use, please adjust to a low pressure area!).
E: Current setting switch (file "O" of the current low on 0.3-1MA "I" file for the high current of approximately 15 mA You can adjust the brightness of the LED ..)
F: Main power switch
Use Description
1. The product is suitable for 0.1 to 100 watts (1-90 string) LED light source and within 100 inch bar test use and maintenance of LED backlight LCD TV.
2.1 to 100 inch portable LED test monitors backlit LCD TV, LED board grain SMD LED light source lamp special detector quick inspection, send a couple of pen lights switch wiring .LED beads lamp inspection and maintenance essential artifact .LED, large adjustable voltage.
3. The operation is very convenient and simple, red pencil and black pencil line the board or lamp beads can detect positive and negative accounts, normal light, the indicator light. When they hit two shots, forming pathway lights. Replace the LEDs routing method: connect the new grains pen short lamp, if it means that the lights installed correctly, if the plug from the bright lights hairballs can be.
Idea: When transferred to the red zone, do not touch the voltage output. I plug in the power, to ensure grain safety lamp, positive and negative before indeterminate please switch to "O". II. after determining the positive and negative aspects, if there are no accounts of bright light or color too dark light, it may be because the problem of insufficient pressure, then move the file "=" may be the brightness full. III. Testing single lamp beads or series, parallel, before the number of smaller sources, the power switch is the file "O". The voltage is adjusted to the white areas, the single is 3V, that other light sources have to calculate their supply voltage, then the voltage regulator at a reasonable place to test, use test process such as brightness is not enough, then the current file set "I".
Not in use, turn off the main switch!

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